Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love My Crockpot!

As a busy mom, I like to cut as much unnecessary time out of my schedule as possible. I love saving time slaving over the stove by cooking in the crockpot! In the almost seven years I have been married I think I have been through 4 crockpots. Not sure that is normal, but it shows that I use it a lot! So this year for Mother's Day I asked for a new crockpot. This is my Mother's Day present

I absolutely LOVE this one! I got it on Sunday, of course, and have cooked in it everyday. I love finding new recipes online for the crockpot. My favorite place to find great recipes is on CafeMoms, Crockpot Moms group.

I have all of my suppers planned out for the rest of the week, and they are all crockpot recipes! I LOVE my CROCKPOT!!!

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