Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's In Our House

Sunday mornings are a little crazy in our house. This is the only day of the week that we have to get up by a certain time and actually get ready to go to church.

We have started going to a new church where the girls have an actual classroom to go to. I love this because they can actually learn about God instead of just playing while I am in church.

We have been having a few difficulties. My youngest, Sarah, is not liking going to class by herself. She has never been by herself doing anything. Guess that is one benefit and downfall, as I am discovering, of having an older sister so close in age.

Sarah is determined that she is NOT going to stay in her class. She lasts maybe 10 minutes and then they call me to come and get her because she is upset.

I have tried bribing her to stay, she even stayed in Savanah's class one Sunday. Nothing seems to be working. I do not know how to get her adjusted to being on her own. I know its going to take time, however if she does not stay in there, I do not think it's going to happen.

Any of you mothers out there have suggestions?

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