Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Family Garden

My husband and I have been living in this house for going on 7 years and have only ever planted grass.

Finally this year we have started our very own garden. Yay! I am so excited!
This is a family project. Our girls really loved helping with the planting and now with the watering. We started the garden Easter weekend and already have plants coming up from our seeds we planted.

We did have a little mole decide he wanted to travel through and distroyed a few of our plants but we took care of him.

I love seeing the girls faces when we go out and there is a new plant growing. They are really excited because they helped plant everything. I can not wait until we actually get to start picking the vegetables that we grew.
The girls are REALLY going to love that!


  1. looks like the family is having a great time! Gardens are awesome, nothing like home grown food!

  2. Yes Mary, we are all enjoying it! Will enjoy it more when we are actually eating the food we planted and grew!