Thursday, September 9, 2010

B90 Day Check In

Another check-in for the B90 Day Challenge.  I am still behind in my reading but I am catching up fast.  I have been reading extra to get myself caught up with the group.  I am learning so much about God and what he wants.  The main lesson that I am gaining from my reading is the same and has been from the beginning.  In the beginning I was thinking to myself that I was just not reading like I should or really thinking about what I was reading.  Well, then the more I thought about the lesson I was taking from my reading, I thought that must be what God wants me to get from it right now in my life!  I am really excited to finish this challenge with everyone and am already looking forward to the next time I read the entire Bible.  I wonder what lesson I will get from it then.  For now I am going to cherish the lesson and message I am getting now and implement it into my life!  Thanks so much for all the prayers and cheering on that you all have provided me!

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